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By Admin / June 25, 2017

Our site is admittedly a little bit Fort Lauderdale-centric. With our main editor living in Weston, and our other biggest contributor living in Wilton Manors (just outside of downtown Lauderdale), it’s understandable that many of the restaurants and local businesses we visit are focused on the places we frequent in that area. That doesn’t mean that we don’t get down to Miami, however. There are a number of establishments on this site that we’d like to remind you of.

Miami Reviews

Our editor-in-chief, Tim, used to live in South Beach and other areas of Miami until his son was a few years old and it was time to move to the suburbs to provide a better family environment. He’s our main source when comes to what’s good down in Dade County.

His favorite hangout down in South Beach is definitely Smith and Wollensky. It is a great place to eat, drink, and just generally hang out and enjoy yourself with good company and a great atmosphere. The steaks and the seafood there are always top notch. We have never been disappointed by a meal there, and the selections of beers and cocktails are unmatched. If you want to read more about this place, check out our review over here.

where to visit in miami

That’s definitely the place to dine down there. If you’re looking to shop, look no further than the Havana Nines Bayside Mall. You can check out this page for all the details. It’s anĀ open-air mall adjacent to American Airlines Arena where the Miami Heat plays. It backs up to a beautiful view of Biscayne Bay. Given where it’s located, right by the MacArthur Causeway that connects Miami to the mainland, you can imagine that it brings in a lot of tourism and is a very popular shopping destination.

Lastly, if you want some dinner and a movie, go to the northern outskirts of Miami and check out the Cinebistro at Dolphin Mall. It has a restaurant and bar inside of it along with seat service. You can enjoy a great meal and drinks while you take in a flick. We had a little bit of a hiccup with the service the one time we’ve visited. However, we are chalking it up to a bad night. We’ll certainly give it another try the next time we’re in the area and in the mood for a movie. Read about our experience over in this write-up.

While that’s all we have about Miami-Dade at the moment, the list of reviews will certainly grow as we venture down there more often. Be sure to check back for updates. Feel free to contact us if there are places that we have to check out!

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