Traveling Around Florida

Know what’s great about Florida? You can travel all around it by car and see so many sights, so many different cultures, and take in a lot of history. There aren’t many other states in the U.S. where so much diversity is just a car ride away. If you’re local, you can get to anywhere in the state in a day’s drive. If you’re flying in from elsewhere, you can rent a car and make a weeklong stay and see all the different parts of the state.

Even better, rent an RV (as recommended on and make some family fun out of it! Visit the beautiful beaches, take in all the theme parks and attractions, do some shopping (there are plenty of outlets and malls in Florida) and give the kids a vacation they’ll always remember!

Florida Travel Destinations

Seriously, Florida is so varied. You can be in Southeast Florida where the Miami area is very Latin, it’s almost like being in Havana. A little south of there is the Florida Keys, beautiful tropical islands that are the southernmost point in the continental U.S. Go a little further north of there and you’re in Fort Lauderdale, which is a lot of transplants from the Northeast region.

Head across the swamp (taking a drive known as “Alligator Alley”) and you’ll end up on the Florida Gulf Coast. There you can find many retirees from the Midwest, or “snowbirds” as they are called. Golf and blue plate specials are plentiful. But there are also some beautiful islands like Sanibel and Captiva that make wonderful vacation destinations.

traveling around Florida

Go up the Gulf Coast from there and after passing through the Tampa / St. Petersburg area, and you’ll run into the “Panhandle“. This is the skinny part of the state (northwestern most part) and you’re basically in the South. It is very rural and agricultural.

Across the state from there, central along the Eastern seaboard and you are in the Orlando area. Home to Disney and all the other theme park attractions that go along with that. Tourism drives the economy in this area, and business is booming!

From the southernmost part of the state, driving north all the way to the Florida / Georgia border will take you around 8 to 9 hours, give or take, as it is about 450 miles from point to point. As said above, there are few states that are this navigable and have so many diverse options all just a drive away.

Always Close to Home

I love living in the Fort Lauderdale area, as it affords me all of the fun that South Florida has to offer. Plus, it offers easy access to visit family. With my parents just across the swamp in the land of the retirees and my wife’s family just another hour north of that in the Sarasota area, it’s always possible to spend time together on the holidays or just because. It’s a great place to live! I’ve really enjoyed driving around this state and exploring all it has to offer.

Dave Schmidt

Dave has lived in Florida for 4 years after his nomadic 20's took him all around the US. Outside of his work in e-commerce he enjoys music, sports, beer, travel and spending time with his girlfriend, dog, cat, and nephew.

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