Snyder Park Bark Park

After all of the fun that we found our dog was having at Oakland Bark, we started looking for new places to take our dog to get some exercise and socialization.

If you remember, we got our dog from the South Florida Golden Rescue, and she was in bad shape when they took her in for foster care. After getting her back to health, including multiple hip surgeries, she isn’t very sprite.

But she surprised us when she was running around at Oakland Bark, and some friends we met at Food in Motion told us about Snyder Park where she can swim. This weekend we took her there and she loved it! Read below for the full review.

Bark Park at Snyder Park Review

We weren’t sure how our dog would do with swimming. We’ve tried her at the beach, and she dipped her toes for a little bit and that was all she cared for. We tried her at my brother’s pool and she went straight for the exit.

How surprised were we when she saw some other dogs in the water and hopped right in! She swam for over an hour, getting in and out, saying hi to all the other dogs and owners, splashing everybody and was just being a dog and loving it.

There are two areas here. The first is near the parking lot and is a dog park like you’d expect. It’s fenced in, has separate areas for large dogs and small dogs. Plenty of water dishes and hoses and swimming pools for the dogs.

We didn’t visit that area, rather we saw it when we went back to our car and will check it out next time. Where we went was downhill to a lake that is designated for dog swimming only. You go through the gates, unleash your dog, and there you are lakeside!

The waterfront is probably about 100 yards long and it’s a beach entrance for the most part. Most of the dogs hang out at the end of the path. There’s a little cove with a particularly shallow entrance. There were big dogs, little dogs, dogs that loved the water and others that just wanted to observe. It was a Saturday afternoon and it was busy, lots of coming and going, and at it’s height there were probably a dozen dogs there.

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We couldn’t believe how much our sweetheart, Summer, loved to swim but we know that this will be our new weekend spot. After work on the weekdays we’ll go to Oakland Park and run around, and Saturday is definitely Snyder Park day.

Summer was absolutely pooped after all of that swimming, so we got a table outside at Tap 42. We cooled off near a fan with some beers (and a big bowl of water for her). She was tired the rest of the day, it’s safe to say that she got her exercise!

This is a new favorite spot of ours in Fort Lauderdale and we can’t wait for next weekend!


3299 SW 4th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315


7am – 7pm everyday