Oakland Bark Park

Now that we’ve adopted our dog from Golden Rescue South Florida, we needed someplace to take her to get her some exercise. We have a fenced in backyard that she enjoys exploring, but it’s not particularly grassy. She enjoys doing laps around our neighborhood, but there’s nothing like running around unleashed and getting some socialization as well.

We turned to Google to find dog parks in our area and came across Oakland Bark Park and it’s become a favorite place of ours. We’ve been there three times in four days since we discovered it!

Review of Oakland Bark Park

This dog park in Oakland Park, FL (just a few miles north of downtown Fort Lauderdale) is a great haven for dog owners. It’s tucked away just west of 95 off of 38th Street in a quiet little nook.

The park is separated into two areas, one for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs. The line of delineation is 25 pounds. While you can’t bring a large dog into the small area, we’ve found it’s not uncommon to see a smaller dog running around with the big boys in the large dog area. Doesn’t matter to me, if there are no conflicts, let all the dogs enjoy themselves.

The area is organized well with a gazebo right at the gate with a picnic table so you can set your stuff down and sit and chat with other owners while your dog plays. There are plenty of water dishes, water fountains for refills, a couple of kiddie pools to splash around in. Basically, all the hydration your dog could need.

There is a paved path around the perimeter of the area so you can walk laps. Our dog is very much a people person so she tends to follow us around doing laps, occasionally venturing away to explore, then running back to us.

Our dog has had multiple hip surgeries (a common issue for Golden Retrievers) and in the short time we’ve had her we’ve never seen her move faster than a walk. To our surprise, at the park she started running! We were such proud parents, she looked so happy and youthful. We made sure to capture some video the next time we went to the park. We’ve sent it to the Golden Rescue and foster families she was with, just to show them her progress.


There are plenty of fun things there for the dog to enjoy. The grass is lush and green and our dog loves rolling around and scratching herself with it. There is an agility course and a bunch of obstacles for them to jump over or jump through. There is a fake fire hydrant for them to lift their leg on. They have a number of baskets of tennis balls to toss to your dog as well.

There is probably parking for about 30 cars or so. We’ve never seen it full so there’s no issue parking there. Most of the time there are about 5 or 6 other dogs there. All the owners we’ve encountered are very friendly and every single dog has been well-behaved.

All in all, since we live only a couple miles away from this park and our dog has shown such joy when she’s there, we plan on being pretty familiar faces at this park. We’ll be checking out others in the area and post our reviews once we’ve done so, but Oakland Bark is definitely a place we will continue to visit often.


971 NW 38 Street
Oakland ParkFL 33334

Open 7:30am to dusk, all year round