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Many people dream of making money flipping  homes.  Most of them struggle throughout the process.

Approved Mentoring Program

Breia gets our official endorsement.

For BREIA owners (BREIA stands for ‘Broward Real Estate Investors Association) Anish Dave and Ryan Kuhlman, they have figured out this process through years of trial and error, and if you are looking for someone to mentor you in real estate, there is nobody better in South Florida than this dynamic duo.

Videos like this are common at this highly educational program.  Here’s a recent success story and more information about the company.

BREIA Real Estate Review

Located in Plantation but serving all of South Florida, including West Palm Beach and anything South of there, BREIA helps real estate investors find the right mix of knowledge and negotiating power in order to profit from real estate investing.  Through multiple offerings that each consist of different levels of involvement from their staff, and even field time, you can learn how to invest real estate from people who are doing it on a massive scale.

The “investment club” has many on-site workshops that for a small fee allow you to get your feet wet before investing in their programs.  These typically run on Saturdays in their office.

The first Wednesday of every month is the highlight of their program and where we became acquainted with the company on a more personal level.  They host an expo which features booths that are run by just about anyone you would need to know to be a successful real estate investor. Everyone from private lenders, to flooring companies, to handymen, and beyond, has a chance to set up shop in what is South Florida’s premier networking event for real estate professionals and anyone who works with home improvement.

Many students have already greatly prospered under the mentor-ship offered by BREIA.

Take Antonio Lopez, of Miami Lakes, Florida.  Antonio earned over $90,000 on his first two real estate deals!

I have personally got to know the founders of this company – Anish and Ryan.  They are very upfront about what it takes to be a successful real estate investor.  They don’t sugar coat anything.  If you have the desire to learn from the best real estate investors in South Florida, check them out online or call them using the below information.

Update:  Anish was recently given an award as the “real estate investor of the year.”

1660 NW 65 Avenue, Suite 1
Plantation, FL 33313

Here’s a link to the award won by BREIA managing partner Anish Dave – http://www.iaotp.com/#!award-winners/mwox6

Anish Dave

Named “Top Real Estate Investor of the year 2016.”

You can attend one of their workshops or a monthly meeting, which takes place in Broward County.

This is your best possibility to get involved in the real estate investing game!

No experience is necessary, and you will be able to build a very large network of contacts if you join up with them, as this is a true investment “club” where everyone shares ideas, success stories, and contacts.

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