AMC Dine-In Coral Ridge 10 Theater

After having lived in Weston for a few years and getting spoiled with the AMC Weston 8 Theater there, when I moved to Wilton Manors I knew I needed to find a new place for a night out at the movies that offered the same experience that I had grown accustomed to. Luckily, I was able to find that locally with the AMC Dine-In Coral Ridge 10 Theatre at the Coral Ridge Mall inĀ Fort Lauderdale.

AMC Coral Ridge 10 Review

AMC has certainly figured out what works and has provided all the amenities in this cinema that now are almost essential to me for a great movie-going experience. They even have more than what I was used to in Weston. Whilte Weston has a bar and a revamped concession stand, Coral Ridge is a full dine-in movie experience. You take your seat and there’s menus waiting for you. After looking it over, you can hit a little button next to your seat which will signal your server to take your order.

I got a chicken sandwich with fries and my girlfriend got a salad along with our drinks. All was good and it’s great to have an adult beverage while watching a movie. They have your typical Americana fare for food – lots of sandwiches, burgers, salads, stuff like that. Their beverage menu is pretty extensive as well, both in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic kind. We’ve gotten their hot chocolate a few times and it is really, really good. We’ve seen others get a milkshake and, while it looks absolutely delicious, it’s hard to justify paying $8 for a shake when I can just get one nearby at Wilton Creamery after the movie for dessert.


Dinner and a movie? Make a night out of it at @amctheatres Coral Ridge 10 in #FortLauderdale. Full review on our site.

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Just like I’ve come to expect at the new AMC theaters, the seats are super comfortable. It’s like you’re watching a movie from your couch at home. They are wide and spacious, nice red leather, and a handy tray that rotates over your lap to set your dish and drinks on. If I had one gripe, however, it’s that on one half of the theater (I think theaters 1-5?) the seats don’t have extendable leg rests nor do they recline. So hopefully the movie you’re seeing is on the good half (theaters 6-10).

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Other than that, I have nothing but good things to say about this AMC location and since it’s so local to where I live, my girlfriend and I have seen a movie or two there every month lately. We can get dinner, drinks and a movie all in one stop and make a night out of it. We’ll definitely be back again soon!

3401 N.e. 26th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306
(954) 566-9666

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