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Last month before it was time to hit the road across the swamp to visit family for Thanksgiving, my Toyota Camry was due for an oil change. The maintenance light turned on and I could feel that the car was holding back a little bit (having driven nothing but a Camry since I got my license two decades ago, I’m pretty in tune to how it should feel).

Usually, I just visit my favorite local mechanic, Prospect Muffler in Oakland Park, but upon calling them I found that they were closed the entire week of Thanksgiving. Facing about 500 miles of roundtrip driving over the next few days, I couldn’t wait until after the holiday to get the maintenance done, so I had to go elsewhere.

Paul’s Transmission Repair Review

My girlfriend has been taking her Volkswagen here for the last couple years and vouched for their services, and they were able to squeeze me in before the holiday, so I took my car there for my oil change. They were friendly over the phone, accommodating my urgency to get the repairs done before leaving town, and I felt my car was in good hands. Best of all, it was nearby, on Dixie Hwy just south of Funky Buddha Brewery.

They did a very good job at getting my car in there right away and also noticed some items that needed to be done besides just the oil change. The cap that needs to be removed to drain and change the oil was starting to crack, kind of like how a screw gets stripped. They showed me the existing cap, which was from the Toyota manufacturing, and how it was made of a cheaper plastic that wears and damages over time. They replaced it with a heavy-duty aluminum (I think?) part that will be much more resilient to removal/replacement in future maintenance. I didn’t feel like they were just trying to add on services, rather they were making things better for my car now and in the future.

The price was right on the parts and labor and my car was driving smoothly afterward and the appointment only took an afternoon. Good, quick service. A couple things, however, left me from being completely satisfied with their services. For one, they did not reset my dashboard that maintenance had been performed, so the “maintenance” light was still illuminated on my panel. I found how to reset it myself in my owner’s manual.

The other thing that was missing was they didn’t put a sticker on my windshield indicating the date and mileage at the time of service, and when my next oil change would be due. Both of these items are minor, but I think they should be standard items for any kind of routine service like this. Overall, I was happy with their service and for getting me into the shop on short notice, but more than likely I will continue with Prospect Muffler when in need in the future.


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Dave Schmidt

Dave has lived in Florida for 4 years after his nomadic 20's took him all around the US. Outside of his work in e-commerce he enjoys music, sports, beer, travel and spending time with his girlfriend, dog, cat, and nephew.