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I have wanted a dog for the longest time. I just had never been in a living situation throughout my 20’s where it wouldn’t be cruel to be a pet owner. Whether it be a job that kept me on the road or later being consumed as a graduate student, it was never the right time or situation.

When my girlfriend and I moved in together earlier this year, we knew we wanted a dog and our situation was perfect for one finally. I work from home, we have a house with a fenced-in backyard, and we have two people to share the responsibilities.

Because of their temperament and personality, we wanted a Golden Retriever. We aren’t, however, keen on supporting breeders because there are so many dogs out there in need of a good home. It’s rare you’d ever find such a desirable breed like a Golden at a local shelter. We turned to the internet and came across Golden Rescue South Florida.

Our Pet Adoption Through Golden Rescue South Florida

Once we visited their site we were absolutely hooked and knew that’s where we were going to get our dog. The site is updated all the time with a new rescue that they’ve brought in. The circumstances differ, whether it be an owner-surrender, a stray, or a relationship with another shelter down in Puerto Rico. All of them are beautiful dogs in need of a loving home.

We went through their adoption process which starts with a home visit to determine if you meet their satisfaction. That includes getting to know us as owners, what our schedules are like, what kind of dog personality and age we’re looking for, as well as making sure that the home itself is suitable.

Our home visit went well and we were approved for adoption. At that point, you visit their site or Facebook page and check for updates on available dogs. If there’s a dog that you are interested, you email the contact provided and let them know you’re interested.

We wish we could have every dog that we saw on the site, and I know we’re not alone in that. Their Facebook page is quite busy whenever a new dog is posted. A couple months ago a new dog was posted that absolutely called out to us. Her name was Summer and she had been found as a stray last year in pretty bad shape. She had been with the rescue in foster care for over year and needed a lot of medical attention. Underweight, heartworm, hip surgery, you name it and she had it. In total the rescue spent almost $6,000 on care for her.

Seeing the photos of her smiling as she did her water treadmill therapy and with her goggles (“doggles”?) on to protect her from lasers in her post-surgery care made us smile from ear to ear. Her photos and description screamed that she was an absolute sweetheart and we needed to meet her.

We arranged to meet her in Palm Beach Gardens and fell in love. When the foster opened the door she was sitting right there to greet us with a toy in her mouth. She then laid down and let us pet her for about a half hour while she lifted her paw to shake hands the whole time, never letting go. She was the sweetest girl ever.

Unfortunately, another family visited her that day and it was decided that Summer would be theirs. We were heartbroken, yet hopeful that one day our dog would come. Well, the universe aligned and a couple weeks later we got an email. Summer was returned to the rescue and would we like to have her? Of course! She was ours.

We picked her up the following week and have not been happier since. She is so sweet, pretty mellow considering her hip surgery but that’s to be expected. She’s a great couch buddy. She always greets us with a toy when we wake up in the morning or return home.

While we were cautioned that she needs to be an only dog, she has gotten along with our cat (another adoption from Animal Aid in Oakland Park) and when we take her to the dog park she gets along great with all the other dogs. She loves people and is the star of the show whenever she comes out with us. Restaurants, the beach, the park, she loves it all. She wants to meet anyone within leash distance, sitting in front of them and raising a paw to shake. We’re constantly stopped and asked if they can pet her and say how beautiful she is.

She is gaining confidence every day, bonding with us more and more, and has had wonderful checkups at Gentle Care Animal Hospital in Fort Lauderdale. We may be biased, but she’s the best dog we could imagine. She has already made a lot of friends, both canine and human, at Oakland Bark Park near where we live.

She has been an absolute blessing in our lives and we can’t thank Golden Rescue South Florida enough for the tireless and generous work they do to put these wonderful dogs in good homes. If you are looking for a Golden Retriever and live in Southeast Florida (Miami to Melbourne), they have our utmost recommendation for adoption.

For more information, visit their site:

Dave Schmidt

Dave has lived in Florida for 4 years after his nomadic 20's took him all around the US. Outside of his work in e-commerce he enjoys music, sports, beer, travel and spending time with his girlfriend, dog, cat, and nephew.