Gentle Care Animal Hospital

Following up on another review I wrote about adopting a cat at Animal Aid Inc. in Oakland Park, it’s always nice to have a vet in your area that you can trust with your fur babies. We found just that at Gentle Care Animal Hospital in Fort Lauderdale.

When your pet has an ailment, it can be a miserable feeling. Both for them and for you as helpless owners. If you read my review of Animal Aid, you’ll remember that our cat, Annie, was sneezing and had a lot of snot. It was like having a toddler with a nose drip all around our house. You wouldn’t believe the amount of snot this 8-pound cat could produce!

We had taken her back to Animal Aid for a free clinic visit during our first month since adoption. She was given an injection and we had some medicine to take home and give to her for the next couple weeks. It provided relief, albeit only temporarily. The snot and sneezing came back with a vengeance a couple months later. It was time we took her to a veterinarian.

Best Fort Lauderdale Vet at Gentle Care

Gentle Care Animal Hospital was recommended to us by a friend and we¬†couldn’t be happier with their referral. It’s located on Broward Boulevard just outside of downtown in a rustic looking building. The decor inside is welcoming and friendly, it kind of has a barn motif. It’s a very pleasant, soothing atmosphere.

I don’t recall his last name, but Dr. Alan took wonderful care of our Annie. We were happy that (sorry for the visual) she had a big sneeze. It was complete with a huge line of snot, so the vet could see what we were dealing with. He took a sample so he could culture it, and it turns out she had various bacteria. Among other things going on (she was a stray before she went to the shelter, so who knows what kind of life was like as a kitten), we walked out of there with an antibiotic, steroid, and some antihistamines. Our vet was very thorough on what was going on with Annie, as well as explaining our options and balancing cost versus care.

Our appointment was on a Monday. We received a call from the vet a few days later to check on Annie’s progress. It was nice to get that kind of follow-up care. We are happy to report that Annie is back to her old self after about a week of (begrudgingly) taking her medicine.

The friend that recommended us to this facility also mentioned their policy with medication. When there are general medicines for your pets, instead of selling it to you at the hospital, they’ll let you know if it is easily available for cheaper at a place like Publix. That was music to our ears!

We couldn’t be happier with the welcoming atmosphere, the kind and knowledgeable staff, and the attentive care that we received on our first visit to Gentle Care. We will surely be taking our Annie (and any future pets) there whenever an ailment comes up or just for regular check-ups. Your pets will be in great, loving hands!


1020 E Broward Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 524-1111


Monday – Friday: 8am – 5:30pm
Saturday: 9am – 12pm
Closed on Sunday