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My girlfriend and I had wanted to get a pet soon after we moved in with each other. It was the next logical step in our relationship, and we’d both been really wanting a pet. She’s always been a cat person, and I’ve always been a dog person. We wanted to go to a rescue shelter instead of buying from a pet store or a breeder, and luckily there are so many places in Fort Lauderdale in terms of animal rescue. We were fortunate to find a place near home at Animal Aid in Oakland Park.

pet adoption from Animal Aid in Oakland Park, FL

Our Pet Adoption from Animal Aid

What we love most about Animal Aid Inc., besides it being just a few miles from our home, is that it is a no-kill shelter. For obvious reasons, we’re big fans of these kinds of non-profit organizations and will do everything to help them out. They perform such a great service and have amazing animals just waiting to find a loving home.

Our mission that day was to go to the shelter and get a dog. I’m such a dog lover and it killed me to not have a dog around the house. I had just spent the last couple years living in Weston with my brother’s two little terriers and I missed having those little buddies around me while I work from home.

Well, while that was our aim that day, that’s not how it worked out. We came home with a cat instead! We took a look through the two different rooms that house their adoptable dogs, and there was one in particular that we really liked. It was a female fox terrier who was as sweet as can be. We kept her in mind as we continued to browsed and checked out the cat room.

We went into a room that had 40 (!) cats and my girlfriend was in heaven. I was a little skittish, as I’ve never really been around cats. I don’t dislike them, I’ve just never had one, my friends never had cats, I’m just indifferent to them.

After getting past the shock of 40 pairs of eyes fixed on you in a small room, we chatted up one of the employees. We were looking for an orange tabby cat, in particular. She reached for a couple of them that were sitting high up on shelves and as she reached for them she was met with a warning hiss. As a not-cat person, that’s not the cat for me. This repeated a couple times until I got on my tiptoes and looked into a basket sitting high on a shelving unit. There was an adorable orange cat sleeping so peacefully.

We brought her out of the basket down to the ground by us and immediately were in love. She followed us all around, let us pick her up, gave us cuddles and, as they say, she “chose us”. While we were looking for a dog, we couldn’t resist taking that cat home. Her name was Gracie, but we changed it to Annie. You can see a photo of our sweet Annie below.

While we went to go pick up a litter box and other supplies to bring Annie home, we said that if the fox terrier we liked was still there in a few days (after the cat got situated at home), then we’d get her. As fate would decide, however, after we returned to the shelter after about an hour of cat supply shopping, that sweet terrier was adopted. It wasn’t meant to be.

All in all, we had a great experience at Animal Aid. We have been checking their website and revisited the facility a couple times to look at the available dogs. We haven’t added any to our household yet, but that day will come soon.

The employees and service there are fantastic. They have an on-site clinic, and if your pet has any health issues in the first 30 days you can visit for free medical care. Annie had a bad runny nose and was sneezing a couple weeks after we got her, so we returned to the clinic and got some medicine for her which cleared up her issue.

About a month after we got Annie, we had two weddings back-to-back that would require out of town travel, and we didn’t know what to do with our cat. Amazingly, one of the employees at the shelter offered to take her in for a weekend. She was so kind and we couldn’t be more thankful for the gesture.

If you’re thinking of getting a pet, “adopt don’t shop” and pay a visit to this wonderful shelter and support local Florida businesses!

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571 NE 44th St
Oakland Park, FL 33334
(754) 223-5378


Monday-Friday: 12pm – 5pm
Closed on Sunday

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