Twisted Trunk Brewing

If you’ve been a reader of any of my other reviews on this site, you know I’m a big beer lover. I love to try out any new beer that I can get my hands on, and I love checking out all local breweries. One of the great things about living in South Florida is that there are so many breweries down here. I’m fortunate to live just a couple miles from my favorite one, Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park and you can find me there almost weekly, especially when it’s trivia night on Monday.

I had an old friend from college, who lives in Connecticut these days, come down to the Palm Beach Gardens recently for vacation. As it had been over a decade since we’d seen each other, and I was only about a 45-minute drive away, my girlfriend and I went up there to meet him and his lady for the evening.

After a drink at Waterway Cafe, they suggested we head to a brewery just about a mile away that they’d visited the day before and enjoyed. I’m always down to try out some new brews, so of course, we were in.

brewery and taproom twisted trunk brewing in palm beach gardens FL

My Review of Twisted Trunk Brewing

They took us to Twisted Trunk Brewery and it’s making me wish I’d lived closer! This place was everything you could ask for in a brewery and taproom. There is a great selection of beers across all styles. No matter what your preferences are, there’s something that will meet your needs. IPA’s, Stouts, Porters, fruit-infused flavors, coffee or mocha flavors, light or dark, they have everything. There was probably 15-20 to choose from that day, and between the four of us and a couple rounds, we tried just a good number of them and enjoyed them all.

There is plenty of seating with a long bar inside as well as plenty of high top and low top tables. There’s a lot of televisions throughout and they had sports playing on all of them, which is another score for me. They also have a limited number of outside seating out front. they occupy the corner space in a strip retail center. Parking was plentiful and we were able to walk right in. It was a Saturday afternoon and we had no trouble grabbing a table. My friend side it was quite hectic the day before during happy hour (understandably).

Another thing that I really liked about this place was the decor. I never comment on this, but the fixtures in the men’s bathroom were amazing, nothing I’d ever seen before. So you all know what a standard urinal looks like, right? Well instead of porcelain urinals, they had kegs fixed to the wall that they turned into urinals. I thought it was clever and a nice touch. You can see a photo below of what I’m talking about. (Yes, I got a weird look from another customer walking in when I was taking a picture of a toilet).

review of twisted trunk brewery in palm beach gardens

All in all, Twisted Trunk Brewing in Palm Beach Gardens delivers everything you could ask for in a local brewery and taproom. Great beers in a wide variety. Good location. Plentiful and comfortable seating, and a great atmosphere to get together with friends. Be sure to check it out if you’re in the area!


2000 PGA Blvd. #5506
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33408
(561) 671-BEER (2337)


Tuesday-Friday: 1pm – 11pm
Saturday and Sunday: Noon – 11 pm

Dave Schmidt

Dave has lived in Florida for 4 years after his nomadic 20's took him all around the US. Outside of his work in e-commerce he enjoys music, sports, beer, travel and spending time with his girlfriend, dog, cat, and nephew.