Riverside Market Cafe

I like to get out most weekends, and have gotten to know quite a few of the bars around the Fort Lauderdale area, so I can’t believe it took me this long to find Riverside Market. This may be my new favorite place to grab a drink in the area.

Riverside Market Fort Lauderdale Review

I was meeting up with friends for drinks and food last Friday night and was told that we’d be meeting at Riverside. I pulled it up in my maps app and saw that there’s two locations — one on 12th, one on 6th. We went to the one on 12th Ave.

I got an Uber there and as I we were approaching my driver asked if I’d ever been there. He said it’s a great place, a little hipster, but really cool and that I’d enjoy it.

The place was crowded (around 9pm on a Friday night) when I got there and as I walked through the door the first thing that I noticed was there were so many beers around the exterior of the establishment. The next thing that caught my eye – there was no bar. Being a first-timer there, I didn’t know what to do, how it worked.


So how this place operates is there are beer fridges along the walls. You simply grab a bottle from the fridge and keep it with you until you’re ready to check out. Bring your empty bottles up to the cash register when you’re ready to head home, and they’ll scan the bar codes and let you know what your total is. It’s an awesome concept that I’ve never seen before, runs on the honor system, and I like it a lot. The service staff will even walk around with empty 6-pack packages so you can carry all your empties easily.

It’s an awesome concept that I’ve never seen before, and I like it a lot. The service staff will even walk around with empty 6-pack packages so you can carry all your empties easily. There’s bottle openers hanging from the ceiling by string all around the place, so you’ll never be too far from an opener.

There are a ton of beers to choose from, and they get more expensive as you move from the left-side to the right. I tried a couple different hefeweizens (like one of my local favorite beers in Fort Lauderdale the Funky Buddha Floridian), some wheat beer, and a couple others. I love discovering new beers that I haven’t had before, and made sure that every bottle I grabbed was something new to me (it wasn’t hard to accomplish with all the bottles they have there from all over the world).

They have a food menu as well and we got a few pizzas for our group. All were delicious. They have sandwiches as well that I’ll have to try out next time we’re there.

There’s seating outside, high tops inside, as well as an area with a bunch of couches. We lucked out that some people were getting up from the couches as we were arriving, and as our group filed in we eventually took over that area and it was a great place to set up shop.

All in all, I love this place and will definitely going back and try some more new beer, hang out with friends, and enjoy a nice night in the Fort Lauderdale area, especially if you’re not looking to go down to Himmarshee at places like Bull Market or Fat Cats. Definitely recommended for the craft beer lovers out there!


608 SW 12th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
(954) 358-8333


Monday-Tuesday: 8am-12am
Wednesday: 8am-2am
Thursday: 8am-12am
Friday-Saturday: 8am-2am
Sunday: 8am-12am


Dave Schmidt

Dave has lived in Florida for 4 years after his nomadic 20's took him all around the US. Outside of his work in e-commerce he enjoys music, sports, beer, travel and spending time with his girlfriend, dog, cat, and nephew.