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Bull Market has long been one of our best followers on the Florida Reviews Instagram account. Before we had a chance to visit this bar, they were followers and likers of a lot of our content on social media so we owed it to them to pay a visit and see what they’re all about.

It’s located on SW 2nd Street in Fort Lauderdale (an area also known as Downtown Himmarshee Village) right down the street from another place we’ve reviewed on here, the Original Fat Cats bar. There’s tons of bars and restaurants around here. It caters to a 20’s / 30’s crowd and is always a good time. Lots of drinks to be had at all times and a number of great brunch places.


Finally made it to @bullmarketfl! 

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Bull Market Review

Speaking of brunch, Bull Market has been voted the best brunch in Fort Lauderdale by a number of different publications over the years, so we’ve got to try them out for that at some point. I’ve been there for dinner and drinks a number of times now — ironically, the Tuesday running club I belong to starts and ends their run there, so I’m now a weekly visitor and it’s been a great place for our club to hang out on a regular basis.

There are a ton of different beers to choose from here. They have a nice rotation of craft beers and I’m never at a shortage of something new to try out. (As noted in my review of Funky Buddha in Fort Lauderdale, I love beer). There always seem to be drinks specials going on, plus it’s a great place for happy hour in general.

As for the food, this gastropub has the kind of stuff you’d expect. I’ll try out a bacon cheeseburger just about everywhere I go, and I was not disappointed with theirs. And being a Minnesota native, I loved seeing a Juicy Lucy on the menu. That’s a burger with the cheese inside of the patty, a delicacy that was created in Minneapolis back in the day.

bull market bar fort lauderdale review

Aside from burgers they have sandwiches, tacos, sliders, and some delectable desserts. They also have a nacho bar as well as a unique macaroni and cheese feature called the “Mac Attack”. With this menu option you can create your own mac n’ cheese. You start with elbow macaroni and can add pulled pork, bacon, short ribs, mushrooms, etc. It’s delicious!

I’m glad Bull Market came on my radar through our social media accounts, and even happier that I have a weekly club meeting that brings me back every week. It’s a great gathering place to hang out and socialize. There are plenty of outdoor tables on the sidewalk to get some fresh air, as well as fast service from an attentive staff even with a group as large as we bring every Tuesday.

One of these days I’ll have to get over there on the weekend and try out this award-winning brunch, and if it’s anything like everything else I’ve tried from Bull Market, I know I’ll enjoy it — I’ve never met a brunch I didn’t like! (For one of our top brunch recommendations in the Fort Lauderdale area, check out our Blue Moon Fish Company review).


210 SW 2nd St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 523-1213


Open 7 days/week, 11am – 2am


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