Favorite Bars in Fort Lauderdale

Dave Schmidt
By Dave Schmidt / December 16, 2017

If you look around this site, you’ll see that a lot of the places I frequent are restaurants and bars in the Fort Lauderdale area. Living in Wilton Manors with my girlfriend, there are a lot of places walking distance to us that we can stop in for a bite to eat or a drink at any time without having to get in the car.

On other nights when we leave our neighborhood, we have a great social network that we met through our running club that meets weekly at Bull Market. That’s quickly become one of our top places to go have a beer, especially on Tuesdays when it is taco night, and is situated on Himmarshee (2nd Street) in Lauderdale that’s full of nightlife.

Favorite Places to Drink in Fort Lauderdale

I’ll say this right off the bat – I like to get out there and have beers and see as many new bars (and try as many new beers as I can). It’s all in good fun and I keep it under control in a social manner. If you feel as if you may have a problem with alcohol, please do seek assistance like this drug rehab Florida center where you can get the help you need.

Ok, with that PSA out of the way, let’s get on to a few of my top places when I’m thirsty for a drink. Previously on this site, I wrote about Riverside Market which is an amazing place with tons of beers to try. What makes this place really cool is the concept. It’s not a typical bar where you go up to a bartender and order a drink.

Riverside Market

Instead, it is all cozy seating inside (they have an outdoor area as well) and the walls are lined with beer fridges. There are beers from all over the world of all varieties. What you do is grab a bottle of whatever you want, and keep the bottle when you’re done. When you’re ready to leave, just bring your empties up to the register at the exit and they’ll ring up your total. It goes on the honor system, so the type of people you find there are pretty friendly and chill.

Riverside is great for a casual night, but if you’re looking for something a little fancier I’ve been liking the Royal Pig Pub lately. My girlfriend and I had maybe our best dinner ever in Lauderdale there a few months back, and when my parents came to visit we had an amazing brunch. On top of all the beers they offer, their liquor selection is top notch and I had an amazing Old Fashioned (my favorite cocktail) the last time I was there. It is located on Las Olas in the downtown area.

On any given week, you’ll probably find me, my girlfriend, and a group of friends at one of those places. There’s a lot more I’ve yet to cover, this town is full of great watering holes, but that should give you a few good ideas if you’re looking for something to do.

Dave Schmidt

Dave has lived in Florida for 4 years after his nomadic 20's took him all around the US. Outside of his work in e-commerce he enjoys music, sports, beer, travel and spending time with his girlfriend, dog, cat, and nephew.

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